Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain is usually a sign that there’s something wrong with your tooth, such as dental decay or an infection. Getting care for your tooth pain is essential to prevent a more serious oral health issue. Family dental specialist, Danny Shiri, DDS, can evaluate your tooth and provide the care you need to stop your pain and improve oral health. Call the Carthay, Los Angeles, office or book online to schedule your appointment.

Tooth Pain Q & A

What are some of the symptoms of tooth pain?

Tooth pain symptoms can vary in type and severity. You may only feel pain when you place pressure on the affected tooth, or the pain may be constant. 

The pain may also be dull and achy or sharp and severe, and it may radiate to your cheeks, ear, or jaw. Other symptoms you may experience with your tooth pain include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold 
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swelling of the gums or cheeks
  • Fever

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact Dr. Shiri right away to schedule an appointment.

What causes tooth pain?

Tooth pain usually generates from the nerve endings found in the pulp of your tooth. You may be feeling pain because of an infection or an injury to the nerve. Cavities can also generate tooth pain. 

What can I expect during a visit for tooth pain?

You can expect comprehensive and compassionate care when you come in to see Dr. Shiri with concerns about tooth pain. During your evaluation, he reviews your symptoms and health history. He also conducts a comprehensive oral exam, which may include 3D X-rays. 

Based on the information gathered during your oral exam, Dr. Shiri can determine the cause of your pain and provide the most effective treatment.

What are the treatments for tooth pain?

Treatments for tooth pain depend on the underlying cause. If you have a cavity, Dr. Shiri can remove the decay and fill the cavity with a composite filling, which is a tooth-colored filling.

If you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth or the pulp is damaged, Dr. Shiri may recommend a root canal. 

During this dental procedure, Dr. Shiri drills a hole into your tooth, removes the pulp and the nerve, and then he cleans the interior with a disinfecting agent. He then covers your tooth with a temporary filling. Dr. Shiri then has you return to the office for placement of your permanent filling or crown. 

If your tooth is beyond repair, then Dr. Shiri may recommend a tooth extraction. He performs your tooth extraction under anesthesia and can remove your tooth in a matter of minutes. Dr. Shiri may suggest a dental implant as a replacement option for your missing tooth.

Tooth pain can develop for many reasons and shouldn’t be ignored. For expert dental care from a compassionate dentist, call Danny Shiri, DDS, or request an appointment online.