Dentist Los Angeles Perio Protect

This medication can be very effective in treatment for periodontal pocketing and disease.

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Sep 21, 2011
jamesk, Los Angeles
Danny Shiri DDS

I am so happy that I became a patient of Dr. Shiri a number of years ago (5+). Since then, I've had my teeth straightened through Invisalign and now smile confidently for the first time in my life--not bad for a 50+yr old dude! Dr. Shiri is an expert in his field, and I always feel complete confidence in his work, which he obviously cares about enormously. Natalie, my dental hygienist,is an expert technician, a fact substantiated by the increasingly rare use of the "big guns" for a cleaning these days. Yvonne and Madeline, the office secretaries, are always helpful and kind--I look forward to catching up with them every few months. Dr. Shiri and his staff are a delightful team and make the regular visits to his office a "no brainer!" THANKS!